Market Raider FX  Member Testimonials

Straight From the Source

DeAngelo is one of the smartest people I've ever met. Drive and determination are his weapons of choice. I trust his judgement in all walks of life. The "Market Raider Method," he teaches embodies who he is as a man. Concise, confident, accurate, thoughtful and most of all successful. If learning to trade currencies is a goal for you, allow The Market Raider to show you the way.

Bhrandon Beasley

Market Raiders FX Academy, has made it so much easier to learn to trade, and the community really helps you grow and build confidence in your approach to the market.

Sean Lewis

So I’ve been trading forex since the end of January and this new method, the “MRM" increased my consistency. Which is the most important tool for trading to me. I catch plays every 30 mins. Its an obstacles not being greedy now haha. MRM not only taught me a great trading strategy but the psychology of trading and how not to overleverage my account and being PATIENT, which are the two most important trading tips in this industry.

James Thompson

DeAngelo and Raider have always helped me when I asked for it. Rather its in a group chat or live zoom call which we have regularly where we go over real time plays and different strategies. They don’t just tell you when to get in trades either they teach you so you can yourself.  The best thing is they hold you accountable for your own trading. Remember don’t rush the process, it will come! Now I’m trying to decide if I’m going to continue working my 9-5 or traded full time. Thanks fellas! “MRM”

Mercedes Anderson

Prior to joining Market Raiders FX, I had been trading for 1.5 years with moderate success. I was really looking to become a more consistent trader and learn how to scalp indices such as US30 and GER30.  Within a month of joining, I not only saw consistent profits, but was able to make over $20K in one week using the MRM trading method and strictly adhering to my trading plan. Not only do you get access to the course, but Deanglo and Raider make themselves available to all their students on a daily basis which really helps to accelerate one's growth.  I can't say enough about the value of this academy and the community of traders that help support and push one another.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn how to trade FX or looking to take their trading to the next level.

Joe Clark 

I just want to take the time and say thank you so much to Market Raiders. DeAngelo and Raider are really dope teachers and they are very hands on with explaining and making sure we the students know and understand what we are doing no matter how many different ways it may take for someone to understand. They take their time and it shows that they are truly passionate about what they're doing. The biggest plus is that it feels like a family everyone on the team is at different levels of trading and we all root for one another. We love seeing eachother eat! The Market Raider Method is so simple and easy. As long as you stay focused you will see results pretty quick. My first live trade I made $500 and its all thanks to them. Its only up from here. So again thank you so much!!!!

Cynthia Anderson

The Market Raiders FX Acadmy has taught me so much in the few months I've been involved. It seems like they are so involved and want everyone to suceed. There teachings are simple and easy to understand. They will give you the guidance so you'll be able to really transform your future. Two words come to mind when I think of Market Raiders "Life Changing!"

Justin Cohen

I call it the Oxford of trading. For crying out loud the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has an article on DeAngelo and he only started trading in January 2020 and by the fall of 2020 he has a full fledged academy. The material that is provided along with DeAngelo and Raider's support is all that is needed to be rich and successful trader. I'm glad I made the move to join this academy beacause my financial life will never be the same. 

Brian McIntosh 

I started the Market Riader Academy on December 9th, 2020. I had ZERO FOREX KNOWLEDGE. Here I am a solid month in and I'm already making profitable smart plays on my demo account. I can't wait to see what another month in the academy will do for me. I have no doubt it's going to sharpen my eyes and continue teaching me to trade what I see and not guess my next moves. The academy is really easy to navigate and offers a lot of hands on training. DeAngelo and Raider are great with answering questions and the overall academy is warm and welcoming!

Christine Claiborne

Joining Market Raiders FX was hands down the best decision I’ve made. I was already a profitable trader before joining but after I did I took my win rate percentage from 70% to  over 90%. The way that DeAngelo & Raider explain things and actually help you step by step to fully understand why they’re taking a trade or what they’re looking at to happen to take a trade. To the point that when you’re looking at the charts by yourself you’ll be confident to take trades and confident you’ll win. I promise anyone can do it. They’re both genuine, honest and want all of us academy members to make money on the charts. Happy to call them my mentors and friends.

Isaac Vogan