What is Forex? 
Foreign exchange is the process of changing one currency into another currency for a variety of reasons, usually for commerce, trading, or tourism. According to a recent triennial report from the Bank for International Settlements (a global bank for national central banks), the average was more than $5.1 trillion in daily forex trading volume. When trading in the forex market you are able to trade, currencies, commodities and indexes. 
What's the process to become a member? 
When your ready to join the Market Raiders FX Academy you will complete the following steps:
  • Sign up by creating an account on the website
  • Once an account is created you'll receive an email instructing you to return to site to purchase a membership
  • After purchasing a membership you'll recieve an email with a link to gain access to our exclusive members-only communication group
  • After purchasing a membership you will have immediate access to all content in the online academy
How much do I need to invest to start trading? 
Initially when you first begin trading you don't need to make any investments into your broker account. The unique and great thing about trading forex is most brokers offer a demo acccont. That essentially will allow you to trade the same live market but with no real funds. This allows for traders to learn, practice and perfect their trading strategy before makin live investments. Everyone's financial situation is different. We recommend practice trading until you're comfortable and consistently profitable in a demo account before investing. A good initial investment can range between $100-$500 dollars. 
How long does it take to start trading live? 
The learning process to understand and grasp basic trading fundamentals and concepts is based on the amount of time a trader can invest. As with anything new we learn, the more you study and practice the more proficient you become. We have experience traders, new traders with some trading background and even new traders who never heard of the forex market. No matter what your background is we've developed an easy trading strategy for anyone to learn and become consistently profitable within 3-6 months. Our trading content was developed from our personal trading journey's from lessons learned, numerous paid industry expert training courses and countless hours spent trading the market. 
What makes Market Raiders FX different from other forex acadmies? 
There biggest difference between Market Raiders FX and other online forex trading academies is that we've created our own unique trading strategy that poduces consistently profitable results. The trading strategy we've created can't be learned or found in any trading books, or Youtube videos. We've taken bits and pieces of what we've learned from expert traders and created "The Marker Raider Method."
Do I have to recruit people to join this academy? 
Market Raiders FX academy does not focus on having members recruit and DO NOT offer any compensation to members for recruiting prospective members to join. Our focus is to provide the knowledge to educate traders who want to learn to become independently consistent profitbale traders. We only want members that are serious about taking their trading to the next level. 
How much money can I expect to make? 
The best thing about trading forex is that once you learn to trade and you're consistenty generating profits, you have the potential to make unlimited amounts of money. The amount of money you make is dependent on your financial goals. Some traders want to make enough profits to have a second income. Some traders learn to trade forex to not have to work a 9-5 job again and live the life of a day trader and be their own boss. Some want to earn millions a year trading and never hace to worry about working a job again. No matter what your financial goals asipirations are we can help you achieve them. 
What do you teach your members to trade? 
As a member of this academy you will learn to analyse and identify market trends and patterns that can be used to execute profitable trades. As a member you'll learn to trade any currency pair, commodity or indices that you like. You will also learn an understanding of international financial markets that could be beneficial for trading stocks, option trading and crypo currrencies. 
What all comes with an academy membership? 
After paying for an academy membership you'll have 24/7 access to all training videos, 24/7 access to all previously recorded training calls, 24/7 access to our exclusive members only communication group, Two (2) weekly online training calls, Two (2) weekly live trading session calls, direct access to both administrators to ask questions anytime, mentorship, you'll become apart of an exlcusive network of like-minded individuals and learn our unique trading stratey "The Market Raider Method."
How is the academy content taught? 
When you join the academy you'll gain access to the academy training content that has been created as self-paced style of learning. Members can feel free and are encouraged to watch and study all training content provided continuously at their own pace until they're confident they know the material thoroughly.
How much is an academy membership? 
We offer a reoccuring monthly membership option thats pay-as-you-go for $199.99/month and also a lifetime member plan for $2,399 one time fee. Once you feel you've learned enough to be a consistently profitable independent trader you can graduate from the academy at any time. If at any time in the future after graduting from the academy a past member feels they need to refresh their trading strategy are able to re-join the academy. All memberships are paid via Paypal monthly subscription membership. Monthly payments will be paid directly through Paypal until cancelled. 
What methods of payments do you accept? 
Paypal is the only form of payment we accept at this time.